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Companies have always been concerned that traditional enterprise software is slow and complex to install, often disrupting critical and time-sensitive operations during roll-out. With the growing need to integrate new digital technologies into the enterprise to transform business processes, this concern has become even more pressing. A 2016 Panorama Consulting Solutions study revealed that enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects took an average of 21 months to install, with 57 percent of these projects experiencing timeline overruns. A span of almost two years can be a long time when disruptive change comes in weeks or months rather than years.  Any executive that has been around enterprise software implementations knows not only that new systems can take a long time to implement, but can take almost as long to change or update with new technologies. Drivers o... (more)

[video] Jumpstart to #DigitalTransformation | @CloudExpo @EARPintegration #DX #ERP #FinTech

"We are still a relatively small software house and we are focusing on certain industries like FinTech, med tech, energy and utilities. We help our customers with their digital transformation," noted Piotr Stawinski, Founder and CEO of EARP Integration, in this SYS-CON.tv interview at 20th Cloud Expo, held June 6-8, 2017, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY. 21st International Cloud Expo, taking place October 31 - November 2, 2017, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, will feature technical sessions from a rock star conference faculty and the leading industry players in the world. Download Show Prospectus ▸ Here Cloud computing is now being embraced by a majority of enterprises of all sizes. Yesterday's debate about public vs. private has transformed into the reality of hybrid cloud: a recent survey shows that 74% of enterprises have a h... (more)

Is a #BigData Conference Like Going to the Dentist? | @CloudExpo #BI #IoT #SmartCities

I recently visited my dentist and found the experience, well, less than satisfactory. I was subjected to 45 minutes of lecturing while strapped into the dentist chair: “You don’t brush enough times a day. You don’t brush long enough. You don’t brush correctly. You aren’t using the right type of toothbrush. You aren’t replacing the brush head soon enough. You aren’t flossing enough. You aren’t flossing correctly. You aren’t using the right type of floss.” Good lord! It’s any wonder that my teeth aren’t just falling out of my head!! No one likes being lectured. It’s not constructive and after a while, you just turn it off.  That’s probably similar to the feeling of going to these Big Data conferences – constantly being told what you aren’t doing right. And maybe I’m guilty of doing that as well. If I am, then I’m sorry because from an audience perspective, it sucks... (more)

ERP Process Automation | @DevOpsSummit #ERP #Cloud #DevOps #FinTech #DigitalTransformation

ERP Process Automation Demands More than a Simple Scheduling Solution By Tony Beeston The car you drive, the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the phone calls you make are all touched by an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Whether it's Oracle, SAP or another supplier, the ERP software and processes manage the back-office functions of every major industry. So if you use ERP at the core of your business processing, it's important to get it right. Now more than ever. In the application economy, almost every business is becoming a software-driven business. Successful organizations need an ERP platform defined to deliver agility, speed to market and innovation. Not enough organizations have one though. While ERP applications have become the systems of record for many businesses, they have also become a major bottleneck to agile operations, faster processes ... (more)

Dynamics 365 – Kicking the Hornets Nest

When left alone, partners tend to buzz quietly in their nests, working on their customers and offers. Lately, Microsoft has made a habit of kicking those nests, starting with the announcement of Dynamics 365 last year which sent the channel hornets flying out of their nests. Zipping all over, and bumping into each other, basically trying to figure out which way was up. Just as they were settling back down in their nests, Microsoft kicked it again. A growing buzz It started this morning at the Directions Conference in Orlando, during the keynote. Marko Perisic teased out a new model for the product formerly know as Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations Business Edition, formerly known as Dynamics 365 Financials, formerly known as Project Madeira, formerly known as Navision (NAV). The new code name was “Tenerife”, which will eventually be replaced with a permane... (more)

Microsoft's Ballmer: "I See Nothing But Opportunity"

Steve Ballmer presented a lengthy keynote and partner session at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Minneapolis. Below is the complete transcript of the session. Steve Ballmer It is my honor, privilege, excitement, to be here with you today. For all the things I do -- and many of you have had a chance to hear this many times as I travel the world -- but everything I get to do working for Microsoft, there's one thing that's most energizing for me -- one thing, one thing -- meeting with our partners. And you say, this guy gives this line to every audience he meets with. Nooo. What's special about this group? What gets me particularly pumped up? What is particularly exciting? Our partners are a unique blend, you are, of two elements. Number one, you've made a bet on us. You believe in us, you want us to win, you need us to win. You're kind of like employees... (more)

Can Wire Data Be #APM? | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #AI #ML #Monitoring

Can Wire Data Be APM? I recently read something – a blog, a tweet, a LinkedIn article perhaps – describing the use of wire data to analyze application performance. I remember that the author’s use of the term “APM” in this context caused one reader to comment, complaining that “you can’t call wire data APM.” This was around the same time I referred casually to Dynatrace’s wire data offering (Data Center Real User Monitoring, or DC RUM) as both “APM for IT Operations” and “probe-based APM.” So that complaint has stuck with me, prompting me to ask – and offer an answer to – the question. It depends, of course, on answers to related questions. How do you define APM? What role does APM play in your organization? What APM insights can wire data provide? Let’s take a brief look at each of these. What is APM to you? In very general terms (Wikipedia is great for this), APM ... (more)

Food Fight!! Food Fight!!

Oracle Makes Shock-and-Awe Raid on PeopleSoft, PeopleSoft Rejects Oracle's Hostile Takeover, Oracle Hangs Tough, Whimpering, JDE Sues Oracle for $1.7b The program for the summer's entertainment was set last Friday when Oracle mounted a surprise $5.1 billion cash raid on PeopleSoft, just four days after PeopleSoft announced that it would buy JD Edwards for $1.7 billion in stock. Since then the market has bid up PeopleSoft shares, thinking Oracle will eventually better its $16-a-share price. Oracle has starting a tender. The PeopleSoft board has formally rejected Oracle's bid and JD Edwards, whose managers had cut some really sweet termination deals with PeopleSoft according to Oracle's inimitable CEO Larry Ellison, has sued Oracle in both Colorado and California for tortious interference demanding $1.7 billion, the price PeopleSoft would have paid for it, in compensator... (more)

Enterprise Computing Vendors Duke It Out In App Server Shoot-Out 2005 (Live on SYS-CON.TV)

One of the most keenly anticipated keynote sessions at this year's Web Services Edge 2005 in Boston was the "App Server Shoot.-Out" Keynote Panel, moderated by Burton Group VP and Research Director Anne Thomas Manes, which was enjoyed by a very full keynote hall and filmed by SYS-CON.TV (http://sys-con.tv) in its entirety. Unlike most events that focus on application servers, this panel was not dominated by the usual assortment of commercial J2EE vendors. This panel included representatives from the leading: Commercial J2EE application server (IBM WebSphere)  Open source J2EE application server (JBoss JEMS)  Commercial application package (SAP NetWeaver) Servlet/web services platform (Apache Tomcat / Axis) and Java alternatives (.NET, ColdFusion, and PHP/Perl/Python) Panelists included Paul Fremantle, Senior Technical Staff at IBM; Marc Fluery, CEO and Founder of JB... (more)

CD Group Offers Customers New Choices with Microsoft(R) Business Solutions - Axapta(R)

ATLANTA, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- CD Group, a national consulting firm providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to mid-market and enterprise companies, today announced it has signed an agreement with Microsoft(R) to sell Microsoft Business Solutions- Axapta(R) to clients across North America. The agreement extends CD Group's offerings to its mid-market and enterprise customers to now include the Microsoft Axapta product suite. Today's mid-market companies require advanced business systems to efficiently manage such areas as marketing, sales, operations and finance, and they expect the same level of flexibility and functionality as large enterprises. Microsoft Axapta is a leading global business management suite optimized for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries. Microsoft Axapta offers the flexibil... (more)

Developing Adobe Flex Rich Internet Applications with Cairngorm Microarchitecture

This series presents an open-source architectural framework to Flex developers called Cairngorm. In this series I explain the thought leadership behind Cairngorm, the design challenges that Adobe feels Cairngorm addresses best, and the projects for which Cairngorm is an appropriate skeleton for development. Using the Cairngorm Store sample application, this series explains what Adobe Consulting thinks about scoping, estimating, and delivering a Rich Internet Application (RIA) when basing it on Cairngorm from the start. I also explain the various Cairngorm concepts and take a deep dive into the implementation of the Cairngorm Store. Finally, I demonstrate some of the principal benefits of delivering an RIA based on this established microarchitecture by adding a new feature to the existing Cairngorm Store application from the point of view of a Cairngorm developer. ... (more)